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Managing Principles of Hwa-Hsia Group 

Hwa-Hsia Group is committed to become world's premier glass manufacturing, service and solution-focused company.

With that vision, we must accomplish & achieve:


Become the best company in the world of glass in manufacturing, service and solutions

•To be customer-oriented, providing superior products and services with cost-focsued mindset. 

•To be innovative, aggressive, and continuously learning.

•To build strong, highest quality, and trust-worthy branded product.


Have Great Execution 

•To develop and create the best system and operating results

•To eliminate wasting habits and bureaucracy

•To possess strong interior control and monitoring system

•To promote right person for the right job effectively 


Build strong and impenetrable culture 

•To manage, train and retain the best management talent.

•To establish sounding reward system and mutually-respected corporate culture, and to give back to society