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The founder Mr. Liao Qiming founded in Hsinchu city in the southeast street, called synthetic glass company, mining crucible furnace with artificial blowing mode blowing, producing kerosene lamps, glass, electric meter cover etc.. And in the 1950's by the second Chairman Mr. Liao Fudi introduction, two processing technology in Japan is glass, printing factory, production of decorated glass.


The plant was expanded and moved to the current location with a new name, Lian Chen glass Corp. and Furnace1, with 25 tons daily capacity, was set up at that time with automated machine introduced to substitute manual manufacture. 

In 1977, new name, Hwa-Hsia glass Corp. was registered with expanded capacity, 60 tons, and replaced all the machine with I.S. machine.


QCC, TQC, TWQC and 5s activity were launched to improve the current situation. Furnace 3 was built, with 120 tons capacity, and 100 tons capacity for furnace1 was expanded at the same time.


Total plant export to Egypt WADI Corp. 

Ten-year agreement of technology cooperation with Toyo glass Corp. 

Second plant built in Jianmen and further investments were made in Fengyang , Changxing and a sand quarry was built in Fengyang as well.


 B2C Direct sales division was set up and marble soda was launched for branding promotion .